YESHUA "Crystal City of Light" Tumbled Long Sleeve Tee


Immerse yourself in the energies of the Sedona "Crystal City of Light" in this tumbled long sleeve favorite.  Designed with Yeshua, this super cozy tee has our "Ashtar Command" logo Heart Center on the front, the "Crystal City of Light" logo on the back, "Victory of the Light" down the left sleeve, Galactic Lightening Bolt down the right sleeve, & our mantra "I AM the LIGHT' on the inner right wrist.  Embroidered with our "Badge of Honor" on the bottom front left.

  • 100% Cotton tee tumbled in our Galactic Rose Quartz
  • Infused With the Frequency Of LOVE
  • Created with & Blessed By the Ashtar Command
  • Embroidered with the Ashtar Command "Badge Of Honor"
  • Finished with our custom Malibu Phoenix Clothing Co. label stitched in Violet Flame Purple
  • Our unique process of enhancing the ENERGY, FREQUENCY, & VIBRATION of every garment may leave some perfect imperfections - small holes or visible distressing
  • Size is UNISEX -but has already been washed & dried thoroughly