GROUND CREW Tumbled Jersey


REPRESENT the TEAM of the LIGHT in our "Ground Crew" Tumbled Jersey!  Featuring our Ashtar Team Logo on the front, "Ground Crew" & "Victory of the Light" on the back encompassing our number 33!  [33 represents our connection to the divine & it's enlightened influence is meant to guide & support humanity. The Master Number 33 is the most advanced number on the spiritual path, earning it the grand title of Master Teacher.] Our "I AM the LIGHT' mantra is featured on the inner right wrist.  Embroidered "Badge of Honor" on bottom front left.

    • 100% Cotton Tee tumbled in our Galactic Rose Quartz
    • Infused With the Frequency Of LOVE
    • Created with & Blessed By the Ashtar Command
    • Embroidered with the Ashtar Command "Badge Of Honor"
    • Finished with our custom Malibu Phoenix Clothing CO. label stitched in Violet Flame Purple
    • Our unique process of enhancing the ENERGY, FREQUENCY, & VIBRATION of every garment may leave some perfect imperfections - small holes or visible distressing
    • Size is UNISEX - but has already been washed & dried thoroughly