The Church of the Golden Age


The Church of the Golden Age is a non-denominational 501C3 non -profit Church that was founded by Janada Korsholm in 1993 to provide the messages from the Masters, Galactics, Source & all Light Beings to be brought forth for Humanity.

Being in such close proximity to the Crystal City of Light right outside Sedona, this is the only Church on the Planet where you can attended service with the Ascended Masters and Galactics and be privy to the incredible information they are bringing forth, as well as get real information as to what is actually occurring on the planet so you can  be educated and fully prepared for the current and coming times.

The Church offers Yoga Classes, Meditations, Wellness Clinic, Concerts, Movie Nights, Sunday Inspirational Services and a variety of classes to support your Spiritual Growth. Tours of Sedona, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon & other Sacred areas are provided by members of the Church community. Weddings performed here in the Red Rocks of Sedona, in your home or in the Church Sanctuary. Clearing of land, homes and businesses is also available.  Private channeled sessions are available by appointment. We give back to the Sedona Community non -profits and to other non-profits that benefit the Earth, the people, the animals and the children.

Church of the Golden Age

1890  West State Route 89A - Plaza 777 - Suite C

Sedona, Arizona - 86336 

1 (928) 203 -0564