The Ashtar Command is the airborne division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Yeshua, known to Earth as Jesus, or the Christ, our Commander-in-Chief.  We are a cohesive organization, which has come together for the sole purpose of overseeing the safety and spiritual development of Earth and all her inhabitants.

We work directly under the leadership of Yeshua.  Therefore, know and understand that we of the etheric inter-dimensional forces work directly with the LIGHT and with GOD/SOURCE/PRIME CREATOR.



Composed of millions of starships and personnel from many civilizations, we are here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing and the liberation of planet Earth into the Golden Age. We are composed of various races and species from throughout this Universe, as well as other Galaxies.  ALL THOSE WORKING WITHIN THE ASHTAR COMMAND ARE OF A HIGHER-VIBRATIONAL NATURE AND ALL WITHIN THE COMMAND ARE WORKING FOR THE GOOD OF EARTH MANKIND. The Command, however, is not composed of simply "aliens" from other planets, galaxies or dimensions.  It ALSO includes the Angelic Realms and those working in their behalf.  We are your Galactic and Soul Family, and MANY of you have Twin Flames and Divine Cosmic partners who are working WITH you from ABOVE.

Our crafts have surrounded and monitored Earth for billions of years, EVER watching, EVER protecting, and EVER LOVING - ensuring your safety and your sovereignty.  We currently have Mother Ships the size of Small Cities and a variety of ships including scout ships & shuttles are on board most of our ships, including our "New Jerusalem" mothership.  We monitor the oceans, the skies and the land and prevent many catastrophes from above.  We are universal ambassadors of peace, peacemakers and peacekeepers. Our spaceships have no defense mechanisms. Our commitment to complete harmlessness in thought, word & deed serves as its own protection.  


We encourage unity, harmony and the peaceful co-existence of all. We serve by monitoring and stabilizing the planetary grid systems and serve as protectors of this universal sector as Earth is now becoming a Member of the Galactic Federation of Planets.  

The quarantine that was in place for eons has now been removed & once again those on Earth will be able to utilize the Star Gates and travel freely to other Stars, Planets and Universes to gather knowledge and information that can be used for the betterment of Humanity.  

We serve the evolution of Human Consciousness through our teachings, messages of light and communications to uplift and inspire Humanity. We are here to assist in the transition of humanity from dense-physical to physical-etheric bodies of light, capable of ascending into their light bodies and reaching fifth, sixth, seventh dimensional levels and continuing higher and higher in their ascension process as Gaia is now fully ascended and continuing her ascension process with conscious humans.   

A major focus at this time is the awakening of the collective Messiah, the 144,000 Ascended Masters (referred to as Eagles within the Command) who form the Legion of Special Volunteers. These are the star-seeded emissaries from the Office of the Christ, who volunteered to come to Earth when we sent out the call eons ago. We also work with the various Star Seed Groups now incarnated on Earth who will be the future teachers of this Golden Age. These are referred to as the Magenta, Indigo, Emerald, Ruby, Crystal, and other young star seeds now inhabiting the Earth. YOU are all our Ground Crew!   

Your awakening is crucial to the transition of the planet.  Hence, we and our earth-based representatives are here to facilitate the awakening of the Eagles and other Light servers of our Ground Crew incarnated all over the planet.  As Gaia’s new design for the Earth is revealed and the various Star Seed Volunteers will join together with the Wisdom Keepers of various Indigenous Tribes the unfolding of God’s Divine Plan will create a world of harmony, love, peace, joy, abundance and well being for ALL.  We will be bringing in new and healing technologies, multi-dimensional healing chambers, and everyone will have full access to mentors and guides and be able to learn anything they desire.   

With the confiscation of all of the assets of those who harmed the Earth, children, animals or humanity and the St. Germain fund, life on Earth will be restored to abundance for all beings.  All will be able to have free health care, free education, freedom from disease, suitable housing, healthy organic food, clean clear water, vehicles, and all that they require for life on Earth as well as the opportunity to THRIVE.   

We have been ever assisting heavily from above, but the time has now come in divine cosmic history for us to join you on the ground surface of the planet  and mentor humanity and the planet through this personal and planetary Ascension and transition into the Golden Age.   

This is why you volunteered and took on this mission on planet earth… To be representatives of our Ground Crew, to activate and awaken to your missions when the time came, and to anchor the light and prepare the collective for what is about to transpire.


Ashtar Command Ground Crew Meditation