Our Unique Process


Our one of a kind process is TOTALLY UNIQUE & unlike anything you can find ANYWHERE on the planet! Carefully & specifically guided by St. Germain, our process enhances & alters the ENERGY, FREQUENCY, & VIBRATION of every garment.


Each garment is taken to the wash house & tumbled in our high vibrational galactic rose quartz*- to infuse it with the frequency of LOVE (Rose Quartz vibrates at 528 HZ- the Frequency Of Love) – then infused with the ENERGY of the Ashtar Command – & finished with the frequency of St. Germain’s Violet Flame. This process is reflected in every single garment – everything is super soft & cozy from the Rose Quartz Tumble, then get hand screened with carefully selected designs personally chosen by our Galactic Team from the Ashtar Command.



Each piece is then finished with our custom Malibu Phoenix Clothing Co Label -printed & stitched in Violet Flame purple, to honor St. Germain & his contributions to our entire creative process. Every label is hand sewn and every item is created by our very small very special team of Ground Crew members here in Los Angeles.

Finally, once the garments are finished, they come back to the Ground Crew Headquarters at the Malibu Phoenix, placed in our sacred Crystal Room on top of our Lumerian temple, charged by our sacred collection of crystals, Including MAX the Crystal Skull - then personally blessed by & infused with the energy of Ashtar, Yeshua, St Germain & Max.

This is a one of a kind process resulting in super high frequency garments that are all created directly with our team of the Ashtar Command. Each member of our team has a style/design they personally chose to bring through to you in this collection.

We worked together to create the official "Ashtar Command" Logo - with the 8 pointed star representing our Ashtar Command New Jerusalem Mothership - where most of our Galactic Team is currently stationed - and which can be seen shining brightly in the night sky.

The lightning bolts represent the incredible 5th dimensional frequencies the Galactics are sending down from their ships, taken through your vessel, and anchored into the earth plane.

The Victory Of The Light radiates from each and every garment, and our long sleeve items are graced with the mantra “I AM the LIGHT”- on the inner wrist sleeve – to serve as a constant reminder of our I AM presence, and the LIGHT that WE ARE and that we came to this planet to ANCHOR.

The official “Ashtar Command” ‘Badge of Honor’ is embroidered on every garment.

Our “Victory Of The Light” Collection is created specifically to Activate and Awaken our 144,000 Ascended Masters on the ground as well as UNITE our entire Ground Crew, & educate the collective on the Ashtar Command, their current mission and imminent plans of arrival!

This has never been done before – anchoring a collection from the command deck of our mothership to our Ground Crew on the surface of planet Earth – we are overjoyed with excitement to witness all our you step more fully into your roles & beautifully represent the greatest mission our planet has ever known.


* In early November of 2018, after years of renovations and 1 month prior to our Grand Re-Opening, the Malibu Woolsey Fire tore through Malibu and burned down almost all of the entire renovated property…. Leaving nothing in its wake except of our one sacred crystal building and a few barrels of Rose Quartz we were about to start using in the final part of our renovations.

These barrels of rose quartz endured not only the extreme temperatures from the fire, but were infused with high dimensional frequencies and energies from the Ashtar Command ship which was stationed over the property and protected what they deemed necessary. The rose quartz’ frequency and physical structure was altered during this process, leaving the raw and dark chunks of quartz almost translucent and filled with incredible rainbows.