The Malibu Phoenix was established in 1958, when my grandparents first acquired the original 7 acres of property for an extension of their children’s nursery, swim school programs, and day camps in West LA.

As my grandfather was flying his small plane around the Malibu Mountains looking for real estate, he very clearly saw a beam of white light radiating from a particular piece of property.  Although that exact piece was not available, he was able to purchase the property right next to it, and Surf Malibu was born - a 150 kid a day sleepover surfing summer camp, the first ever in Malibu – Nestled amongst stream beds, centuries old sycamores, oak trees, and thousands of acres of the Santa Monica Mountains surrounding you, Surf Malibu provided a slew of enriching activities for kids of all ages & backgrounds.

In 1982 a fire came through and burned down the entire camp.  The property was reborn as the Malibu Escondido Phoenix Ranch – a unique facility for large private & corporate events, company picnics, retreats, birthday parties & weddings.  (My dad Fred became a minister- not the traditional kind, one ordained by Rock & Roll musicians - he has married hundreds of couples, both on the property and off).

Sometime in the early 80’s, Fred had a vision with very specific instructions – to purchase the few lots up the canyon that had become available for sale by a default scenario.  Through nothing other than divine destiny, we were able to acquire “Lots 30/33”, in the middle of a large private property right next to the ranch.

Turns out those were the same exact lots my grandfather saw radiating the white beam of light from his plane nearly 30 years before.  We hosted many Native American Sweat Lodges and spiritual events on that particular piece of property – everyone who got close to it could feel the incredible energy radiating – the land starts vibrating when you even get near it. (We have since come to find out that Fred has incarnated many lifetimes, to protect this particular piece of property – an ancient Lumerian temple and Vortex – until the divine time it would be utilized again.) We also acquired the 10 acre meadow adjacent to our property and began to expand the business to include rental units for retreats and monthly tenants, allowing people from all over the planet to experience and live amongst the incredible energy and sacred grounds.

In 2012, I joined my dad back on the property and took over all of the event coordination and wedding planning, and together my dad and I executed hundreds of incredible weddings and events, sharing the property with thousands of people from all over the world. In 2016 my amazing Grandmother transitioned to the other side, leaving us the property and the means to renovate it into something really special.  Throughout the years, endless people who have visited the property expressed their similar visions of a unique healing center that would come from the sky and land on the property right above the Vortex.  My dad and I both had the overwhelming knowing to switch away from the weddings and corporate events and turn the property into a Spiritual Crystal Healing Sanctuary.

We made our way to Tuscan for the Gem Show and were guided to bring back an entire 26 foot truck filled with 20 tons of an incredible collection of hand selected crystals from all over the world.  Over the course of the next few years, my dad and I were sent on a serious of journeys & trips to destinations all over the planet,  carefully guided through a series of activations and were awakened to our true missions and destinies by our main guide and now incredibly active part of our team, MAX the Crystal Skull.

We were contacted by Max and other higher dimensional beings and eventually sent to Sedona to connect with a soul family member who would become our mentor and on planet guide during this  phase of the journey.  We  are incredibly grateful to not only be awakened to all of the exciting information and what is occurring on our planet, but constantly kept updated and informed about everything going on via our team of Galactics,  as well as made more clearly aware of our ever evolving  missions and destiny for the property. 

We were [RE]introduced to the Ashtar Command & The Galactic Federation of Light, their mission, and how we had been working together to prepare for this exact time our entire incarnation. We were informed that the destiny of the Malibu Phoenix was for it to become one of the FIRST Galactic Healing Sanctuaries on the planet when the Galactics arrive, and how we will be harboring all of the new technology and holographic healing chambers and medical beds not only for the people, but SPECIFICALLY to heal and transition the many incredibly abused and tortured children that are currently being rescued from all over the planet.

In early November of 2018, after years of renovations and 1 month prior to our Grand Re-Opening, the Malibu Woolsey Fire tore through Malibu and burned down almost all of the entire renovated property…. Leaving nothing in its wake except of our one sacred crystal building and a few barrels of Rose Quartz we were about to start using in the final part of our renovations. These barrels of rose quartz endured not only the extreme temperatures from the fire, but were infused with high dimensional frequencies and energies from the Ashtar Command ship which was stationed over the property and protected what they deemed necessary.  The rose quartz’ frequency and physical structure was altered during this process, leaving the raw and dark chunks of quartz almost translucent and filled with incredible rainbows.

We have since come to peace with the loss of the entire property- knowing it was all part of the Greater Plan & work every day under strict guidance from Max & our Galactic team to keep the property cleansed & cleaned energetically, prepare the property physically & anchor the necessary energies & frequencies as we anxiously await their arrival.

In early 2020, during a trip to Sedona to visit our Church of the Golden Age, I was asked by my personal team of Galactics, including Commander Ashtar, Yeshua, St. Germain & of course Max, to create the OFFICIAL clothing line for the Ashtar Command & the “Victory of the Light” Collection, to activate our Ground Crew all over the planet and raise awareness in the collective about the Ashtar Command & The Galactic Federation of Light, their current mission, & imminent plans of arrival. AND…. The Malibu Phoenix Clothing Company was born!!

The Malibu Phoenix is currently the Ground Crew Headquarters for the Malibu Phoenix Clothing CO., where we have been working tirelessly with the Galactics to get this collection out to you! It is with humility, respect  & absolute reverence for the Ashtar Command, The Galactic Federation of Light, GOD/SOURCE/CREATOR, our soul families & all of humanity that we take our missions very seriously and each and every day do everything in our power to raise awareness in the collective & share the information far and wide to educate everyone so that they can be as prepared as possible for this New Golden Age that we are stepping into!



 Jenna Pierson 

 Malibu Phoenix Retreat – Owner/ Event Coordinator

Malibu Phoenix Clothing CO- Creator

Malibu Phoenix Galactic Healing Sanctuary– Manifestor