Ashtar is the head Commander of all of the fleets within the Ashtar Command division of the Galactic Federation of Light. He is currently aboard their New Jerusalem Mothership, working tirelessly to clear the earth of all negative beings & prepare it for the arrival of the Galactics & the Golden Age. He is overjoyed with excitement to watch Ground Crew members all over the planet come together and RISE UP to the next phase of their missions and beautifully represent his Command. 


As an Ascended Master and Galactic Commander aboard the New Jerusalem, Yeshua, known for his human incarnation as Jesus, has recently taken his throne in the Crystal City of Light in Sedona, Arizona along with many other Galactics who are arriving on planet to assist Earth in this next phase. From there, he is working diligently to prepare for the arrival of the Golden Age. 

saint germain

St. Germain was the leader of the very first Golden Age on Earth and returns now to be the leader of this Golden Age. He is coordinating all of the Lightworkers Worldwide as we collectively assist in the upliftment and raising of consciousness of all life on Earth. He coordinates our work with the Galactic Command and Source to bring about the highest possible results for all involved. His dedication to Creator and the Divine Plan goes back through the ages as he has incarnated as many prominent members in history and each lifetime diligently prepared the St. Germain Trust- which will provide much of the funding required for this Golden Age.

max (the crystal skull)

Max is a Pleiadian Ascended Master who carries many of the blueprints and frequencies vital to assist humanity with its ascension. His Crystal Skull is one of the most ancient artifacts on the planet, and  is a living Akashic record library of the Earths history - he carries many of the codes and keys of the perfected human being and is playing a crucial role in the Ascension of our planet. He is a currently a Commander of the New Jerusalem Ashtar Command Ship, and works alongside Ashtar, Yeshua and St. Germain to carry out various missions. 


Jenna Pierson is an active member of the Ashtar Command Ground Crew, a Galactic Ambassador and a Pleiadian Ascended Master who is wide awake to her role and her mission here at this time. Her Twin Flame and Galactic partner, Max, carries out various missions through her here on planet. She resides in Malibu, California, where she and her father protect sacred land and an ancient Lumerian temple that has been in the family for lifetimes. This property will become on of the first Galactic Healing Sanctuaries on the planet once they arrive. Jenna has been asked specifically by Ashtar, Yeshua, St. Germain and Max to create the Official Ashtar Command “Victory Of The Light” Collection, to spread the light and raise awareness of the Galactics and their plans of arrival here on Earth, as well as to Activate and UNITE our ENTIRE Ground Crew.


Arianha Bialon is an Ascended Master, Pastor and has been Exclusive Director of the Church of the Golden Age in Sedona, Arizona for the last 14 years. She is an Author, Healer and Speaker, with an extensive background in World Religions, Emotional Release Healing, Reiki, and LifeForce Healing. She offers to the Church and greater Community classes, information and opportunities to learn about Universal Laws, the 12 Conditions of Miracle, a variety of Spiritual Traditions.  She is constantly embracing and teaching how to Celebrate LIFE and the abundance provided to us from Gaia, Creator and all the Angels, and Light Beings.  She holds meditations & events throughout the week and offers Service at the Church every Sunday, with exclusive messages from the Galactics and  Ascended Masters. She is available for personal channeled sessions by appointment. 

rev. fred

Fred Pierson is one of the first waves of volunteers to incarnate for this particular mission.  When he was only 10 years old, our family purchased the property for the Malibu Phoenix for their Surfing Summer Camp.  He was sent back to the property full time when he was 25 years old, to “finish his life’s quest” as a spiritual advisor had told him.  After almost 50 years protecting and caretaking our property and sacred land in Malibu, and performing hundreds of weddings as a minister, Fred has always had the knowing and maintained that our property was incredibly special and we would be doing something with it to “change the world”. He has maintained that unwavering faith and knowing his whole life, and could not be more excited & enthusiastic about the destiny of the property.  He wakes up every morning and asks Jenna & Max “What can I do for you today????” and spreads the message of the Command to every one he meets. 



Together, we all work as a team to anchor this new light on planet earth and prepare physically and energetically for the announcement of the arrival of the Galactics and provide honest, reliable and integral information about the Ashtar Command and their vital mission in assisting earth at this time.  We spread messages of inspiration, hope, and hold the visions and the space for this new Golden Age we are creating on Planet Earth.  

By supporting the Malibu Phoenix Clothing CO., and by representing the Command and radiating the Victory Of The Light, you are raising the vibration of not only yourself, but the ENTIRE  planet.  

Are you part of our Ground Crew?! Are you here to spread the message and anchor the light?! It is no accident you found this page and these products. The galactics are working from above to ensure everyone gets the vital information and activations that they need at this time!!! 

By wearing our merchandise, you are spreading the light, the love, carrying the frequency and holding the vibration that you are READY for this next era of history and ready to reunite with your beloved star families & galactic partners, brothers & sisters.  

Be the Light. Wear the Light.        Spread the Light.        VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!