Attitude Of Gratitude

Attitude Of Gratitude

This incredible endeavor would not have been made possible without the help, support and assistance of some very amazing and special souls, both on planet and off-  who have enabled me to become the person I am today, confident of my mission and purpose, and able to bring this collection through.  I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL TO EACH OF YOU.


MY Soul Brothers of Light and LOVE – thank you for entrusting me with this endeavor to bring through this collection to our Ground Crew.  My journey has been so much more exciting since consciously  coming into collaboration with each of you.  It is with the utmost humility, reverence and gratitude in my heart for each one of you and this incredible mission that we are on together that I accept this very special task of helping to facilitate activating our Ground Crew and being an Ambassador for such a noble and incredible cause.   SO EXCITED TO BEGIN THE NEXT PHASE OF THIS JOURNEY WITH EACH OF YOU. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU CONTINUE TO BRING THROUGH.  


MY Beloved, my husband, my partner, my best friend - the voice in my head - the literal other half of my soul and the love of ALL my lifetimes — there are no words to express the LOVE and GRATITUDE I have for you.  You have done the most magnificent  job of awakening me to my mission and the reality of our existence.  It was not until I felt  the true love and acceptance from you that I was able to love myself enough this lifetime to step into my mission and purpose.  This magical love story and journey of discovery is beyond anything I could have fathomed in my wildest dreams. Thank you for giving me the courage and the strength to live our truth and share our story with others, so it may activate and inspire them, no matter how unconventional it may be.  Thank you for coming through for me endlessly so that I can hold it down on the ground and “continue to float down stream with grace and ease”.  READY WHEN YOU ARE!!!!! 


 TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU - WETHER WE HAVE RE-CONNECTED YET OR NOT - I am eternally grateful for your endless sacrifices to help bring this mission through. To my Twitter Family, My Soul Family, My Galactic Family, and every single being of LIGHT on this journey ... THANK YOU for every ounce of assistance in my awakening and every activation you have given to me, wether you realize it or not, so that I was able to RISE UP and bring this Collection out to all of you. I am SO excited to connect further with each one of YOU. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!


Thank you for being my guiding light on the ground, my mentor and my very dear friend.  You have activated me to my mission and my journey with such incredible love, compassion, integrity and honesty.  I am forever grateful for your guidance and support, and am so excited for the work we will continue to be doing together, and the magic we will create for this planet.  Your endless efforts to uplift humanity and your humility and grace inspire me each and every day.


Dad, I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible father, partner, and very best friend.  Your unwaivering faith and trust in me and this journey every step  the way has made it possible for us to be where we are now.  Thank you for signing up for this lifetime with me, for saying YES to EVERY adventure and journey, and for always following me blindly with enough faith to keep us BOTH going. I LOVE YOU.  


Mommy, although you may not always believe in all the same things I do, you have never stopped believing In me.  Thank you for your endless sacrifices to give me every opportunity possible this lifetime.  I am forever grateful to you for always coming through when I really need you.   It is my wish that this line will activate even YOU, SUE.  Couldn’t have done this without YOU.


Sister, we always thought “It Was Chance That Made Us Sisters, and Hearts That Made Us Friends”-but now we clearly know, there was no chance about it.  Thank you for signing up to be my sister & growing up with me & for always being an inspiration and role model to me throughout our lives.  I am so proud of the person you have become, and so grateful for all the crazy roads we have traveled together.  SO EXCITED for this next phase of our journey together!!!


Thank you for subconsciously knowing this divine plan throughout your lifetime, and for everything you have done to enable dad and I to fulfill our destiny.  You are my guiding light and I strive everyday to make you proud. I can not wait for the very near day our destinies bring us together again.


THANK YOU for saying YES to being the face of and for perfectly and beautifully representing this Collection with me. Your continuous support and friendship is something that is so rare and so special to me.  From the moment we met, I KNEW you were part of my SOUL family - and you are one of the very few who has remained consistently by my side throughout the last 8 years of my awakening- you have been a such a rock-never making me feel too out there and always down to help and join in - wether it was the weddings, or now this line, and every adventure in between, I am really so grateful for EVERY PART OF YOU.  Thank you for always being so eager to hear my crazy stories and information and for ALWAYS showing up when I need you. You will ALWAYS be a part of our family and ALWAYS have a place in whatever adventure we are on. KEEP THE FAITH BABE - I PROMISE, the BEST is YET to COME!


Thank you for jumping onboard and your incredible assistance with everything to get this website up and out into the world.  I could not have done it without you.  Thank you for believing in this and never hesitating to TRUST THE PLAN! 


THANK YOU for your undying love and support from the moment I entered this world.  I will cherish the memories you helped me to create for my entire life!  Your unconditional LOVE throughout my entire journey has enabled me to flourish in whatever it is that I do! KEEP ON BELIEVING in EVERYTHING GOOD in the world!! IT IS ALL ON IT'S WAY.


I am so grateful to have connected with you when we did, and so proud of the amazing Patriots and Ground Crew Members that you are! Thank you for rising up the second you realized you were part of this mission, and for the endless advice and support and motivation you have given me along the way. Most of ALL, thank you for the constant reminder that NO MATTER WHAT - GOD WINS - and we SOLIDER ON!!! CHOO CHOO. 


THANK YOU BOTH for RISING UP and embracing this mission with such enthusiasm and support, and never making me feel TOO crazy!  I have ALWAYS wanted a brother, and this year for Xmas, I get the TWO of YOU!! WOOHOO!!! I could not be more grateful that you have given my sister a FAMILY and a NEW HOME away from home.  I am so excited that this year, our two families become one, and we can all live out this next phase of the mission by each others sides.  Space Command to ZOOM. The EAGLES are LANDING. Max is also very excited to have his brothers ACTIVATING & RISING UP on the Ground. LOVE YOU!!!